Hacked for Christmas!?

MiracleHealing.us has been redirected here so I, the author, could explain that our site has been crippled by outside cyber-attackers.  I discovered the virus the day after Christmas and estimate that it had been there for one day.

Help Rescue our Website

To our knowledge, we have not lost any our content.  However, we need your help to hire professionals to clean our website from the virus and restore it. Your donations will help us hire them and get back online.


What Happened?

It is not even safe for me to login to MiracleHealing.us, much less for visitors to use it –  because it was infected with a virus that is infecting many websites around the internet.  These viruses make these websites unsafe to visit.


What was MiracleHealing.us?

MiracleHealing.us is more than the free textbook for Miracle Healing 101.  Others use it as a searchable handbook for Miracle Healing.  It has Hundreds of pages of unique content on:

  • The Full Gospel of deliverance from all of everyone’s maladies
  • Blockades to Healing
  • Spiritual Roots of Maladies
  • Over 300 verified written testimonies of miracle healings performed by trainees


What Technically Happened?

Likely a robot exploited one of our plugins, (perhaps our email form) by updating it from the internet. It updated this software with very bad software called a trojan virus.  It put this virus right on MiracleHealing.us.  So then visitors to MiracleHealing.us would visit a Trojan virus JS:Injection-A [Trj] that would attempt to unzip and run in the applications folder of their browser.


What are the Technical Implications?

This virus seems very out-dated.  It clearly presents itself as a virus.  This is because a .zip file should not be a home page.  Current browsers should catch this and warn you.  My antivirus software warned me before my browser had the chance.

Was I infected?

No.  You were likely too busy celebrating the holidays to visit MiracleHealing.us.  Besides, your browser or Antivirus software would have blocked our rogue page.  The virus was not operating long enough for MiracleHealing.us to be blacklisted by Google or anyone, which is not very long.  So you likely did not visit us during that time frame.

Thank you

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  Please consider  donating to us.  Not only are we a worthy cause, but specifically here we need to  hire professionals to clean our website from the virus and restore it. Your financial support will help us get back online.


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Also, please engage with us further by visiting  www.miraclehealingroom.org for a more expansive and cogent summary of our Biblical instructional services designed to help you and yours receive God’s free gift of miracle healing in Jesus.  Join our miracle healing community in a way that gets you quickly up to speed in your knowledge of His healing Word:  Giving you the tools and confidence you need to stand with boldness!



About Us

Teaching God's healing Word and creating miracle healing community, MiracleHealing.org  provides support for the following:
  1. MiracleHealing.us  – free online textbook for Miracle Healing 101, a 50-hour online college-style class.
  2. MiracleHealingRoom.org  – receive or give this highly-trained pattern of miracle healing ministry online.
  3. MiracleHealingSchool.org  – take online, correspondence, and in-person courses for certification towards higher levels of participation in the miracle healing community.
  4. ApostolicVision.org  - free online certification for starting  miracle healing  communities (planting churches).
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