Miracle Healing

Looking to receive or share the gift of miracle healing in Jesus name?

  1. Be healed:  E-healing account – Access individualized online diagnostic healing tools.
  2. Heal others:  E- learning account – Take classes and pass exams toward certification.
  3. Stay coveredOnline Coach – Email coach your questions.

Video Introduction
View our video introduction to our free and low cost services.

We have already been able to verify a growing number of miracle healings (over 100 so far) using the biblical principles and techniques that we teach. The lame walk, the blind see, and the deaf hear.

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Review our no-cost to low-cost services above to find out how you can join together with God’s Word toward miracle healing in yours and others spirits, souls, and bodies.


About Us

Teaching God's healing Word and creating miracle healing community, MiracleHealing.org  provides support for the following:
  1. MiracleHealing.us  – free online textbook for Miracle Healing 101, a 50-hour online college-style class.
  2. MiracleHealingRoom.org  – receive or give this highly-trained pattern of miracle healing ministry online.
  3. MiracleHealingSchool.org  – take online, correspondence, and in-person courses for certification towards higher levels of participation in the miracle healing community.
  4. ApostolicVision.org  - free online certification for starting  miracle healing  communities (planting churches).
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